THUPC 2022 游记(Thupc 2022 travel notes)

Day ?

THUPC 开始报名了,xtq、AKEE 要拉我入伙,我说不要踢 dengyaotriangle,BJOI 年轻人实力强!但还是把我拉进来了

Day -?


然后开 A,想了半天都没有靠谱做法,已经有一大车人过了,很自闭,在走廊走了好久好久,回来写了个特别垃圾的东西,还 wa 了一次,然后以极劣的罚时通过了这题。

然后开 B,然后在 <= A 的时间内做完了。。。

然后 xtq 让计算几何,然后我们讨论了好久他说他不太会实现,那只好我写,这一写又是 2h,根本过不去样例,然后之后也不知道咋过的。。

然后接手一个好多人过但是AKEE被卡常的E,想了一会编了个 \(n \sqrt{n} a(n)\) 然后开写发现假了,修了半天,然后没调出来,到比赛结束10min才调出来,然后学弟队友都在围观我了,因为就这个题没过。。然后T了,疯狂改块大小,后来发现都过了,那看来是评测机波动太恐怖了。。

最后 rk 4,好像还不错

Day 1


开局 xtq 20s 过了 M,很恐怖,然后瞬间过了俩题,我非常震撼。

看了 ABCD,居然觉得 B 最可做,然后想好久不会做,然后去做 D,然后发现状态有点恶心,这时候发现 A 有好多人过了,然后去做 A。。。

然后不知道做哪个题了,CD 感觉都没理解,想了会 F,然后不太会编,发现 H 有人过了,做 H,想了半天才会 1log,然后又 T了!然后加了个 fread 过了,这也太蠢了。


消了 400 行,然后过了样例 WA。查了 1h。


最后 rk 2,全靠队友带,哈哈。


Day ?

Thupc began to sign up. XTQ and akee wanted to join me. I said don’t play dengyaotriangle. Bjoi young people are strong! But it pulled me in

Day -?

In the preliminaries, I got up late in the morning. The better I played at school, and then I arrived at the computer room after 10 seconds.

Then I drove a and thought about it for a long time. There was no reliable practice. A large number of people had passed. They were very autistic. After walking in the corridor for a long time, I came back and wrote something special rubbish. I wa did it once, and then passed the question with a very bad penalty.

Then turn on B, and then in & lt= Finished in a’s time…

Then XTQ let’s calculate geometry. Then we discussed for a long time. He said he didn’t know how to realize it, so I had to write it. This writing is 2h, and I can’t get through the example at all. Then I don’t know how to do it..

Then he took over an e who had been passed by many people, but akee was stuck. After thinking for a while, he made up a \ (n \ sqrt{n} a (n) \) and wrote it. He found that it was false, repaired it for a long time, and then didn’t tune it out until 10min after the game. Then his younger brothers and teammates were watching me, because I didn’t pass this question.. Then t changed the size of the block crazily. Later, it was found that it had passed. It seems that the fluctuation of the evaluation machine is too terrible..

Finally rk 4, it seems good

Day 1

The final, but it can only be played online.

The beginning XTQ 20s passed m, which was terrible, and then two questions passed in an instant, which shocked me very much.

After reading ABCD, I think B is the best one to do. Then I think I won’t do it for a long time, and then I go to D. then I find that the state is a little disgusting. At this time, I find that many people have passed a, and then I go to a…

Then I don’t know which question to do. The CD feels I don’t understand. I think about F, and then I’m not very good at editing. I find that someone in H has passed. I do h, and I think for a long time before I log, and then i t again! Then I added a FREAD. It’s stupid.

Then my teammates asked me to do a big simulation, because I wouldn’t do anything else, and then put it aside.

Eliminate 400 lines, and then pass the sample wa. Checked for 1H.

Autistic, finally found that the gourd was wrong. I was a gourd.

Finally rk 2, it all depends on teammates, ha ha.