springboot logging.lever 调整日志级别(springboot logging. Lever adjust log level)

springboot 项目配置文件中的 logging.lever 设置日志级别, 后面跟生效的区域;logging.lever.root=info 默认场景,其中 root 指整个项目, 调整为error 即可实现关闭绝大部分项目启动日志运行日志(近似关闭,亦可使用 off);logging.lever.com.**.mapper 其中com.**.mapper可为mapper文件对应的包,即可实现打印sql日志功能;


Logging. In the springboot project configuration file Lever sets the log level, followed by the effective area; logging. lever. Root = info default scenario, where root refers to the whole project. Adjust it to error to close most of the project startup logs and operation logs (close or use off); logging. lever. com.**. Mapper where com. * * Mapper can be the package corresponding to mapper file, which can realize the function of printing SQL log;