{“errcode”:48001,”errmsg”:”api unauthorized rid: 627e1384-5ecd28e9-263acb54″({“errcode”:48001,”errmsg”:”api unauthorized rid: 627e1384-5ecd28e9-263acb54″)


发送小程序消息时报错 {“errcode”:48001,”errmsg”:”api unauthorized rid: 627e1384-5ecd28e9-263acb54″}




1. Error description

When sending an applet message, an error is reported {“errCode”: 48001, “errmsg”: “API unauthorized rid: 627e1384-5ecd28e9-263acb54”}

2. Problem solving

1. In fact, when this problem came out, I searched it on the Internet, but it was not solved. Finally, I looked at the official permission set common troubleshooting guide and solved my problem according to the troubleshooting method.
2. the reason for this error is that the token was sent incorrectly when calling the interface, mongodb did not add a type when saving the token, and the token of the official account did not expire when sending the applet message, resulting in the token of the official account being obtained when sending the message to the applet, so this error is reported.