Web1.0 2.0 3.0 与新型概念DEFI,NFT(Web1. 0 2.0 3.0 and new concept defi, NFT)

最近,Web3.0,区块链,NFT的概念很火,我实在不懂,开个贴记录一些学习中的感想。Web 3.0可以看成一套标准,但目前还没有统一定义。

Web 1.0:纯静态页面

Web 2.0:JS动态加静态

Web 3.0:动静态都有,还可以实现交互,比如验证码,邮箱等。









Recently, Web3 0. The concept of blockchain and NFT is very popular. I really don’t understand it. Open a post to record some feelings in learning. Web 3.0 can be regarded as a set of standards, but there is no unified definition at present.

Web 1.0: pure static pages

Web 2.0: JS dynamic plus static

Web 3.0: both dynamic and static. It can also realize interaction, such as verification code, email, etc.

I remember that verification codes, e-mail, and these things have been applied and used as early as a few years ago, which shows that this concept is not a new concept. What made him reappear in front of the public.

Today, with the rise of the concept of meta universe in 2022, Web3 includes two things: defi (decentralized Finance) application and NFT. I decided to study these two things in depth.

The concept of meta universe is understood from the surface and creates a space by integrating reality and virtualization. Although this concept is very popular, it is only in its infancy, and many related industries are immature. In the development of digital currency, Yuan universe can develop in combination with digital currency, starting from standardizing a new currency.

Defi decentralized financial application is composed of financial smart contract based on Ethereum. I understand it as an application that processes encrypted assets and can conduct transaction behavior.

NFT is a non homogenous token, which is the only cryptocurrency token used to represent digital assets. This definition comes from Baidu Encyclopedia. I understand it simply and roughly as a digital asset like bitcoin.

To sum up, these new fields are only developing in digital finance, and we don’t know whether they will become foam. For network security, you can pay attention to these Trojan horse applications. At present, there is no large-scale hazard event, but under the surface of security, everything is hard to say.

Welcome to point out the mistakes and hope to learn and make progress together.