windows照片查看器无法显示此图片,的解决办法(Windows photo viewer can’t display this picture, please try again)


2.选择高级,将设备配置文件改为:Agfa 这个选项。


原理可能是:图片的颜色配置文件使用了AdobeRGB,宽色域。Windows 7 上一般默认颜色管理里的系统默认值都是sRGB,AdobeRGB相比sRGB能提供更广泛的色域范围,包含sRGB没能完全覆盖的CMYK色彩空间,所以会遇到图片使用AdobeRGB但操作系统默认值是sRGB导致打不开的情况。所以通常的解决办法是:把sRGB修改为Agfa。


1. Enter the control panel, use the small icon for viewing mode, and select color management.

2. Select advanced and change the device configuration file to Agfa.

3. Click “close” to basically solve the problem.

The principle may be: the color profile of the picture uses Adobe RGB, wide color gamut. The system default value in the general default color management on Windows 7 is sRGB. Compared with sRGB, Adobe RGB can provide a wider color gamut range, including CMYK color space that sRGB can not fully cover. Therefore, it will be encountered that images use Adobe RGB, but the operating system default value is sRGB, which will not be opened. So the usual solution is to change sRGB to Agfa.