Vue.js 技术揭秘(Vue. JS technology secret)


那么从这一章开始我们即将分析 Vue 的源码,我们将会介绍一些前置知识如 flow、源码目录、构建方式、编译入口等。

除此之外,我希望你已经用过 Vue 做过 2 个以上的实际项目,对 Vue 的思想有了一定的了解,对绝大部分的 API 都已经有使用。同时,我也要求你有一定的原生 JavaScript 的功底,并对代码调试有一定的了解。

如果你具备了以上条件,并且对 Vue 的实现原理很感兴趣,那么就可以开始这门课程的学习了,我将会为你打开 Vue 的底层世界大门,对它的实现细节一探究竟。 



Then, starting from this chapter, we will analyze the source code of Vue. We will introduce some pre knowledge, such as flow, source directory, construction method, compilation entry, etc.

In addition, I hope you have used Vue to do more than two practical projects, have a certain understanding of Vue’s ideas, and have used most APIs. At the same time, I also require you to have a certain foundation of native JavaScript and have a certain understanding of code debugging.

If you have the above conditions and are interested in the implementation principle of Vue, you can start learning this course. I will open the door to the underlying world of Vue for you and explore its implementation details.