Android Stdio 虚拟机问题(Android stdio virtual machine problem)



The emulator process for AVD Pixel_5_API_30 has terminated.

原因:安装时使用自定义安装后,修改了默认安装目录。而avd文件默认在 C:\Users\用户名.android 目录下。所以导致打开AVD时报错。

解决方法:找到avd所在 .android文件夹,将 .android文件夹复制到SDK目录下(sdk目录是最开始安装as时自己选择的路径),注意此处是整个.android文件都要复制,之后修改环境变量,在下面的栏里添加,名字为ANDROID_SDK_HOME,路径为你的sdk路径再加上.android,这样重启就可以解决问题了。

注意:此方法可能出现Android stdio 无法正常开启现象,目前本人并未出现,所以此方法可用。


Record the problems and solutions during the use of stdio.

1. Appears during virtual machine installation

The emulator process for AVD Pixel_5_API_30 has terminated.

Reason: after using custom installation during installation, the default installation directory is modified. The AVD file defaults to C: \ users \ user name Android directory. This causes an error when opening AVD.

Solution: find the location of AVD Android folder, will Copy the Android folder to the SDK directory (the SDK directory is the path you chose when you first installed as). Note that this is the entire All Android files should be copied. After that, modify the environment variable and add it in the < / strong > column under < strong > with the name of Android_ SDK_ Home, the path is your SDK path plus Android, so that restart can solve the problem.

< strong > note: this method may cause Android stdio to fail to open normally. At present, I don’t appear, so this method is available