[练笔] 小好吃故事1([practice writing] little delicious Story 1)




I talked some nonsense with Yumei today. The content is meaningless, just review your speaking skills. Intercept it and practice writing.

Xiaomei read some novels and began to introspect. It was surprised that life before it was mediocre and just wasted time on meaningless so-called tasks. It decided to pursue real life.
But where can life be found?
Xiaomei heard that someone made a pilgrimage to Tibet and was purified. As the saying goes, only in practice can we learn how to live. Xiaomei thinks it’s reasonable. I want to have a try.
But Tibet has a long way to go. Therefore, Xiaomei bought a car. Although not luxurious, Xiaomei took it to the highway.
There is no speed limit on the highway. It’s delicious and happy. Xiaomei flies, chases and passes by on the road, and doesn’t care about the signal in front.
But heaven failed. Just before it arrived, the engine stalled.
Xiaomei parked her car on the side of the road and saw a notice: “the road is in the world, in the square and on the side of the road. If you want to be happy, take potatoes home.” The author is a nearby resident: the climate here is very cold, and people mostly rely on potatoes to satisfy their hunger.
Delicious, you will understand. It realizes that the so-called life is not an illusory concept. If you want to find the meaning of life, you should be down-to-earth and devote yourself to production and life. It remembered the words in “delicious food that does not exist”: only living can we know how to live.
So yummy settled down locally. The people who grow potatoes are smart when they see how delicious they are. They are afraid that they can’t be potatoes. They arranged for him to plant trees.
Delicious, daily work, although the conditions are difficult, still enjoy themselves. In my spare time, I occasionally fish in the river. If he is too tired, he stays in his room and writes poetry. Right here, it wrote: “Beijing Tibet expressway, I love planting trees.”
Delicious. The trees planted are crazy like rockets. It has grown to tens of meters in a year. All kinds of creatures live on it: birds, insects, and it is said that even the creepy multi legged monster often haunts. Some experts from Shanghai have come to investigate. After research, they believe that such species diversity is purely accidental.
In short, delicious life is full and fun. One day, I leaned against the tree trunk to rest. It saw snails writhing in the trees, crustaceans smelling of soil, and butterflies chasing and playing around the trees. Suddenly many memories came to my mind. From the butterfly, it thinks of the animals it has seen: dogs, elephants, giraffes, Asian spotted leopards. It thought of the problem that drove it on the journey. Looking at the world where these creatures live, it seems to have an answer.
It says: live in a tree.