ttbb的自我介绍(TTBB’s self introduction)


5.首先,我的第一位印象最深刻的老师是小学四到六年级的班主任陆相妹老师,我小学曾与两名男同学打架并因此两位男同学的家中都来学校找我,我十分的害怕,感谢我的班主任陆老师不仅没有辱骂我还轻声安慰我。第二位是初中数学老师老大,我在初中的数学课上十分调皮经常在上课与同学说话打闹,感谢老大十分包容我并且还认真抓我的学习使我有了不错的数学成绩。第三为是高中的班主任魏红老师![魏红老师](“C:\Users\joy\Pictures\Saved Pictures\QQ图片20220114154903.jpg”),魏红老师在我高中迷茫时给予我鼓励,不放弃成绩不好的我。



1. I am a student majoring in information security in the school of computer and big data of Fuzhou University. My name is fan Yutong. You can also call me huayutou or < strong > Tongtong baby < / strong >. I don’t have many hobbies. I occasionally dance or go to the canyon. My Canyon ID is: joy. Oh, the server is Android Q area. You can come to me when you are free. My character, I think I’m a kind of Moody type. Sometimes I’m emo for no reason, or I’m very happy for no reason. I hope you can read more and tolerate me.
2. In the first semester of the University, first of all, I felt that I was not active enough and did not make enough efforts to win the position I wanted. Secondly, I thought my ability could not catch up with my ambition, but I did not actively improve my ability, which was very wrong.
3. At present, I have learned the introduction to computer and C language, which makes me very happy.
4. In this winter vacation and the following semester, I want to number the courses arranged by the school and hope to participate in some competitions. It is best to learn some knowledge of web security or improve my oral English.
5. First of all, my first and most impressive teacher is the head teacher from grade 4 to grade 6 of primary school < strong > Lu Xiangmei < / strong > teacher. My primary school once fought with two male students, and therefore both male students came to the school to find me. I was very afraid. Thank my head teacher, Mr. Lu, for not only not abusing me, but also comforting me softly. The second is junior high school math teacher < strong > boss < / strong >, I was very naughty in junior high school math class and often talked and quarreled with my classmates in class. Thank the boss for being very tolerant of me and paying attention to my study, which made me have good math results. The third is teacher Wei Hong, the head teacher of high school! [teacher Wei Hong] (“C: \ users \ joy \ pictures \ saved pictures \ QQ picture 20220114154903. JPG”), teacher Wei Hong encouraged me when I was confused in high school and didn’t give up me with bad grades.
6. If I can imagine the future, I hope I can become a civil servant or enter a state-owned enterprise in the future.