黑客手机先驱pwnieexpress被收购(Hacker mobile pioneer pwnieexpress acquired)

2019年10月3日 10:00

Outpost24收购了无线安全先锋Pwnie Express

WiFi和蓝牙连接已经成为世界各地的企业和消费者的主力军。这些无线连接是爆炸性的物联网(IOT)市场的基础。与其他企业的IT技术类似,无线技术也是企业必须保护的另一个攻击媒介。安全专家认真对待这一载体,例如,在Blackhat / Def Con等行业会议上,专家建议与会者关闭无线连接,以避免被黑客攻击或被欺骗连接到恶意网络。

“我们的客户希望我们能帮助他们改善安全状况,我们知道他们无法保护他们未知的东西,”Outpost24的CEO Martin Henricson说。”这一组合与我们的全栈安全评估平台完美契合,加强了对未知事物的发现,并确定了我们客户领空中的设备类型。我们很高兴地宣布这项收购。”

Pwnie Express是一个知名的、值得信赖的安全品牌,与Outpost24在道德黑客行业的根基相似。Pwnie Express的旗舰解决方案Pwn Pulse对已知和未知的WiFi接入点以及企业办公室内开放配对的所有蓝牙设备提供全面的威胁检测。该公司因创造了Pwn Phone和Pwn Pad而成名,这两款设备是热门惊悚电视剧《机器人先生》中主角Elliot Alderson使用的。通过收购,Pwn Pulse将扩展Outpost24的全栈安全评估平台,使客户能够更全面地评估和监测他们在自有基础设施、云基础设施和网络应用方面的网络风险。

Pwn Pulse通过网络上和周围空域的WiFi和蓝牙信号发现所有的IT和物联网设备,并监测它们的行为,以发现妥协或破坏的迹象。该解决方案提供可操作的情报,提醒安全团队注意潜在的威胁,以便他们能够保护网络免受未经授权的设备的影响。此次收购将扩展Outpost24的全栈安全平台,对WiFi、蓝牙和物联网设备进行评估,并检测流氓设备。

Pwn Pulse产品可立即使用。其他信息可从Outpost24或Pwnie Express获取。



关于Pwnie Express

Pwnie Express填补了企业中物联网和其他设备激增所暴露的物联网安全漏洞。通过持续识别和评估所有设备和物联网系统,Pwnie的安全平台可以防止威胁破坏业务运营,所有这些都不需要代理,也不需要改变网络基础设施。


10:00, October 3, 2019

Outpost24 acquired wireless security pioneer Pwnie Express

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity have become the main force of businesses and consumers around the world. These wireless connections are the foundation of the explosive Internet of things (IOT) market. Similar to the IT technology of other enterprises, wireless technology is another attack medium that enterprises must protect. Security experts take this carrier seriously. For example, at industry conferences such as blackhat / def con, experts recommend that participants turn off wireless connections to avoid being hacked or cheated to connect to malicious networks.

“Our customers want us to help them improve their security. We know they can’t protect what they don’t know,” said Martin henricson, CEO of outpost24. “This combination fits perfectly with our full stack security assessment platform, enhances the discovery of the unknown and determines the type of equipment in the air led by our customers. We are pleased to announce this acquisition.”

Pwnie express is a well-known and trusted security brand, which is similar to the foundation of outpost24 in the ethical hacker industry. Pwnie Express’s flagship solution, PWN pulse, provides comprehensive threat detection for known and unknown WiFi access points and all Bluetooth devices open to pairing in corporate offices. The company is famous for creating PWN phone and PWN pad, which are used by Elliot Alderson, the protagonist of the popular thriller TV series Mr. robot. Through the acquisition, PWN pulse will expand the full stack security assessment platform of outpost24 to enable customers to more comprehensively assess and monitor their network risks in their own infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and network applications.

PWN pulse finds all it and IOT devices through WiFi and Bluetooth signals on the network and surrounding airspace, and monitors their behavior to find signs of compromise or destruction. The solution provides actionable intelligence to alert the security team to potential threats so that they can protect the network from unauthorized devices. The acquisition will expand the full stack security platform of outpost24, evaluate WiFi, Bluetooth and Internet of things devices, and detect rogue devices.

PWN pulse products are available immediately. Additional information can be obtained from outpost24 or Pwnie express.


Outpost24 is a leading web assessment company focused on maximizing the value of its customers’ evolving technology investments. By using our full stack security insight to reduce the attack surface of any architecture, outpost24 customers continue to improve their security posture with minimal effort. More than 2000 customers in more than 40 countries around the world trust outpost24 to assess their device, network, application, cloud and container environments and report the compliance status of governments, industry departments or internal regulations. Founded in 2001, outpost24 provides services to leading organizations in a wide range of fields, including finance and insurance, government, health care, retail, telecommunications, technology and manufacturing.

关于Pwnie Express

Pwnie express fills the Internet of things security vulnerabilities exposed by the proliferation of Internet of things and other devices in enterprises. By continuously identifying and evaluating all devices and Internet of things systems, Pwnie’s security platform can prevent threats from damaging business operations, all of which do not require agents or changing network infrastructure.