to be better成为更好的自己(To be better)


专心认真学习的我,是我喜欢的自己的模样。我欣赏所有努力做事努力学习工作的人。见过成绩一般,但是一直在努力读书的周园梅同学。 卞薇同学。苹同学,都很努力,自己的人生把握在自己的手中。













Think of the English teachers who used to teach with crutches. Others are trying to live, prepare lessons, wonderful classes and realize their own strength.

I like my appearance when I study hard. I appreciate all those who work hard, study hard and work hard. I’ve seen Zhou Yuanmei, who has average grades but has been studying hard. Bian Wei. Ping students, are very hard, their own life is in their own hands.

Reading, learning and fitness, these two things, pay has a harvest, a hard work a harvest.

Only the money in your pocket, diligent knowledge in your head, healthy body and expensive medical treatment can be relied on.

Li Haoyuan, only hands know you. Compared with the disabled born in that mountain, it’s nothing. There are no sad things, only difficult problems. What you can do is to be worthy of yourself. It’s enough to get up early and go to bed late and brush your teeth every day, and it’s enough to pick up and send your family to school.

“The most practical self-discipline is saving money. The most eye-catching self-discipline is fitness. The healthiest self-discipline is eating properly and going to bed early. The most temperament changing self-discipline is reading. The safest self-discipline is economic independence.” Without economic independence, you can only eat roadside stalls when you get married.

The best thing to look at is muscles.

“Nothing in the world is more beautiful than strong muscles and fresh skin. – — Mayakovsky”

Believe in one way and stick to it with one way. 100 days and 90 days are only three months and one quarter. Time is fast.

Quiet must be thin, three meals rule, vegetable fiber protein, high-quality carbon water.

Complete a task, so simple, why not complete it????

1. Grinding technology.

2. Measure your figure.. the waist. The body fat rate is too high. Large waistline and short service life. A day is one 365 of a year, and a month is one twelfth of a year. Eat less and move more. It’s the king’s way to control your mouth and open your legs.