2021 icpc 沈阳游记(2021 ICPC Shenyang Travel Notes)














我直接进行一个H的写,写完进行了一些加强样例的测,交上去1a了(get第二个正赛1a 好耶















不过还是Au了 好!


Warm up:

Read a false question + write a false code. After the most difficult problem 1H failed, he ran away

RK200 +, feeling poor blood status, positive race to send (reverse flag)++


Just finished typing the basic board and found that edgnb has been worn out (edgnb!

After checking in, YFZ said he could write m, so he wrote it. He couldn’t finish the sample. It seems that the practice is false

If I write check-in question B, it will be wa soon. After I change another obvious error, I gain – 2. After half an hour, I still have question 1. I feel that I have to finish

Then the two teammates wrote two check-in questions, F and j, respectively. I watched my code next to me

At this time, it has been found that the array is small, but I have been wondering why I don’t return re

Until Zzx has started the I problem that is not so checked in + I read it for 20 minutes without results, and decided to change maxn and hand it in again. It’s over once

Dizzy with your own anger.jpg

I found the side double greedy h, which looks very similar to the multi-point double greedy of schools during the holiday. I felt it was very correct to discuss it

Just Zzx lived up to expectations and passed I (except that I read it together for at least 20min due to the wrong writing of complex division in the middle of the way

I directly wrote an H. after writing, I tested some strengthened examples and handed them in for 1a (get the second race 1a, OK

After reading the ranking rk22, l will also write. I feel that the future is bright++

After Zzx finished writing one part, let me write another part of the tree DP. I said yes. After writing, it seems that the discovery is a little far from the sample

After reorganizing the idea, I found that not only a very basic formula was pushed wrong, but also the initial content and exclusion were false

Finally, after modification, it is found that there is only a simple formula of tolerance and exclusion + tree DP +, and a Wa is harvested after measurement

YFZ uses SA to do m again. I find it troublesome to write my tree DP. I’m not sure whether this DP is correct

When I was entangled, I suddenly noticed that the size of the tree was $2n$. So the array was double, and then changed once again.

I’m numb.jpg

When you want to see the list, you only realize that you have closed the list when you fail. You have never felt that time has passed so fast (?)?

In the last half hour, I experienced a SA board error, changed the board + various modifications failed, and finally failed to pass M

After the game:

As soon as I finished, I was told that the card line was golden. It felt very magical

After watching the list with my own eyes, I found that it was lucky to win the silver head in 2min

At the same time, I found that m and Guilin J seem to be almost identical, but Guilin J used suffix tree when we VP (teammates can’t suffix tree, I won’t SA, miss it perfectly. JPG)

It’s a pity that I failed to answer 8 questions. I feel that these 8 questions are not so difficult

But it’s still AU!