NOIP2021 比赛记录(Noip2021 game record)

NOIP2021 比赛记录

得分没出来。应该是一个 100+100+?+0




第三题没想太久,看出来差分是凹的,打了一个 \(2^n\) 的暴力。由于我T2出了一堆锅,这之后的几个小时我多数在拍T2,而没有搞T3。导致我T3数组开小,炸没了。

出考场,JT AK 了。和hyh凑在一起吃饭。

我贴到duyils了 /se/se/se




思维水平不够,T3想到差分凹了之后,没想到dp,只会他妈 \(2^n\)。a


Noip2021 game record

The score didn’t come out. Should it be a 100 + 100 ++ 0

At the beginning, I made the first question, which was relatively simple.

The second question I did was very slow. I always thought of all kinds of DPS. Because the complexity was not right / the implementation was too complex, I cut off this practice. Then he hesitated all the time, as if he had many ideas, but everyone was not sure.

After a wave of hesitation, I chose a practice with a little more details, changed it a little, and began to write with less details. For a long time. By the second hour, finish the first two questions, and more than half of them are doing the second question.

The third question didn’t think for too long. I saw that the difference was concave and played a \ (2 ^ n \) violence. Because I made a lot of pots in T2, I mostly took T2 instead of T3 in the next few hours. It caused me to drive down and blow up.

Out of the examination room, JT AK. Eat together with hyh.

I posted it to duyils / SE / SE / SE

Coincidentally, where dyls and I eat, and JT and hyh are in the same place. Oh, my God, how can it be so coincidental.


T2 took too much time and blew up.

The level of thinking is not enough. T3 thinks that after the difference is concave, DP will only fucking \ (2 ^ n \). a