Linux at 命令(Linux at command)

Linux命令是对Linux系统进行管理的命令。对于Linux系统来说,无论是中央处理器、内存、磁盘驱动器、键盘、鼠标,还是用户等都是文件,Linux系统管理的命令是它正常运行的核心,与之前的DOS命令类似。linux命令在系统中有两种类型:内置Shell命令和Linux命令。本文主要介绍Linux at 命令。

原文地址:Linux at 命令


Linux commands are commands that manage Linux systems. For the Linux system, whether the CPU, memory, disk drive, keyboard, mouse, or users are files, the commands managed by the Linux system are the core of its normal operation, which is similar to the previous DOS commands. There are two types of Linux commands in the system: built-in shell commands and Linux commands. This article mainly introduces the Linux at command.

Original address: Linux at command