Linux CentOS Docker 安装与配置(Installation and configuration of Linux CentOS docker)

Docker 可以安装在 64 位版本 CentOS 7/8,并且要求内核版本不低于 3.10。 CentOS 7 满足最低内核的要求,但由于内核版本比较低,部分功能(如 overlay2 存储层驱动)无法使用,并且部分功能可能不太稳定。本文主要介绍 Linux CentOS Docker 安装与配置。

原文地址:Linux CentOS Docker 安装与配置


Docker can be installed in 64 bit CentOS 7 / 8, and the kernel version is required to be no less than 3.10. CentOS 7 meets the minimum kernel requirements, but due to the relatively low kernel version, some functions (such as overlay 2 storage layer driver) cannot be used, and some functions may be unstable. This article mainly introduces the installation and configuration of Linux CentOS docker.

Original address: Linux CentOS docker installation and configuration