html-css的运用(Application of HTML CSS)

div{ background-color: #70C000; 设置背景颜色 background-image: url(../img/1jmphz166b.jpg); 设置背景图像 background-repeat: no-repeat; 设置背景重复:no-reapeat不重复;repeat-x横向重复;repeat-y:纵向重复 background-position: center; 背景定位:center:居中;top:顶部;bottom:底部;right:右部;left:左部}

p{ text-align: center; 文本对齐方式 font-family: “微软雅黑”; 字体样式 font-size: 12px; 字体大小 font-weight: bold; 字体加粗}

a:link {color:#FF0000;} 未被访问的链接 a:visited {color:#00FF00;} 已被访问的链接 a:hover {color:#FF00FF;} 鼠标指针移动到链接上 a:active {color:#0000FF;} 正在被点击的链接

div{ height: 500px; 高度 width: 500px; 宽度 padding: 5px 5px; 内边距 margin: 5px 5px; 外边距 border: 5px; 边框 position: absolute; 定位 display: none; 显示 overflow: hidden; 溢出显示方式 float: left; 浮动}


div{ background-color:  # 70C000; Set background color background-image:   url(../img/1jmphz166b.jpg); Set background image background-repeat:   no-repeat; Set background repeat: no repeat; repeat-x horizontal repeat; repeat-y vertical repeat background-position:   center; Background positioning: Center: Center; top: top; bottom: bottom; right: right; left: left}

p{ text-align:   center; text alignment font-family:   “Microsoft YaHei”; Font style font-size:   12px; font size font-weight:   bold; Font bold}

a:link   {color: #ff0000;} links not accessed   a:visited   {color:#00FF00;} Visited links   a:hover   {color:#FF00FF;} Move the mouse pointer over the link   a:active   {color:#0000FF;} Link being clicked

div{ height:   500px; height width:   500px; width padding:   5px   5px; padding margin:   5px   5px; Margin border:   5px; frame position:   absolute; location display:   none; display overflow:   hidden; Overflow display mode float:   left; Floating}