PostgreSQL实战 pdf下载(PostgreSQL practical pdf download)






PostgreSQL实战 (谭峰等著) 中文pdf完整版[221MB]高清下载


It focuses on the rich features of PostgreSQL and production practice and operation and maintenance skills. The book consists of 18 chapters and is divided into three parts: basic part, core part and advanced part.

It mainly introduces the basic knowledge of PostgreSQL, such as installation, client tools, data types, advanced SQL features, etc., so as to prepare readers for the core and advanced chapters;

It mainly introduces the core content of PostgreSQL, such as architecture, parallel query, transaction and concurrency control, partition table, NoSQL features, etc;

It mainly introduces the advanced content of PostgreSQL, such as performance optimization, physical replication, logical replication, backup and recovery, high availability, version upgrade, Oracle database migration, PostgreSQL practice, PostGIS, etc.


PostgreSQL实战 (谭峰等著) 中文pdf完整版[221MB]高清下载